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The joy of living more Soul-fully and expansively!
Warmly Welcome to Soulwork and Herkules Education in Sweden!
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We are working with human growth since 1991. We have created the specific method of Soulwork, based on our own experiences of inner alignment, light transformation and awakenings. We have been working with people for more than 30 years. Our job is to give guidance and tools for transformation to people in their expanding life-processes. Wherever you are in life you can benefit from getting more contact and energy with your Soul. 
We give cources in Soulwork and assistance for the passage into a new era and a higher frequency. We also provide Soulcoaching/ Soulreading for individual sessions. We work with all kinds of needs, both spiritual and personal, raising your vibration.
Soulwork is a unique method of combining different levels of energy-alignment. We work with your personals issues as well as your deeper life direction and soul contact. We combine the work of clearing emotional- and mental unbalances with your higher self and other higher spiritual energies.
Michael Matthis started working with people 1984, Nina Matthis at 1990.
We have led hundreds of cources for many years in Sweden. Thousands of people have taken part of the development of this special training or as clients. Also from companies and organizations. This also includes all our readers of our books (published on Herkules publishing).
Our work is part of the greater shift in the world of humanity and the raising of frequency on our planet today. We see the changes taking place to be connected with the change of consciousness within humaniny. We believe us all to be part of this great step into a new era of new insight and light, expansion and joy, cooperation and higher purpose.

Soulcoaching / Soulreading 

- Your expansion and life purpose in the present shift of consciousness. Consultation for individuals. 

Personal and spiritual development 

Raising your vibration, energy alignment 

Healing energies, opening your inner contact

Intuitive guidance 

Relationship work, Family Constellations 

With Michael Matthis and Nina Matthis


This coaching is simple and yet profound. It opens up for your transformation that you already have in your inner being.

We connect with your soul and your higher energies. This enlightens your purpose, your inner drive, your deep needs. This includes discovering and transforming what might stop you. 

Soulcoaching combines several practical tools for your best development. Both internal and external, personally and spiritually.

Your inner core is the foundation. You will reconnect with your inner center, your energy of Source, your true Self. 

We support you through our inner seeing, intuition and highly developed energy-senses. We are also skilled in many therapeutic tools as well and have great compassion and understanding for different stages and challenges of our human lives.

Soulcoaching will expand your guidance and direction and can be combined with with relational- and family issues (using Family Constellations for instance or SoulConstellations).

These tools provide effective and often direct transformative experiences for your growth. 

Sessions also by FaceTime, WhatsApp, Skype etc. 

Send a mail for booking: info @ herkules.nu

Practical issues 


Our work is grounded with great respect for the individual's space, needs and individual choices. We also have deep respect for the inner, spiritual energy in you. Michaels has worked with people since 1984 in various forms of development and Nina since 1990. Since 1994 we have developed Soulcoaching which combines spiritual alignment, energy work and healing. 

Booking rules: When you have booked, you have agreed to the reservation rules. If you need to cancel your time, you need to do that at least two days before the appointment, unless you have re-scheduled, or else full fee is charged. 

Where: Central at the heart of Stockholm, Sweden. Or by mobile/ FaceTime etc